Important factors to consider for improving the website speed

Important factors to consider for improving the website speed

There is a technique to improve the website speed post by following all the search engine strategies. By staying within the search engine’s terms of service, you can improve your post’s search ranking.

There is a technique to improve the website speed post by following all the search engine strategies. By staying within the search engine’s terms of service, you can improve your post’s search ranking. Lelo Website is the best website designing company in delhi with the fastest page speed. Our techniques are used to create informative and high-quality content for the convenience of human readers.

What is a good Load Speed for a Webpage.?

If we talk about Google, the loading time of a website should be 3 to 4 seconds but Google studies show that the loading speed of many websites and blogs is more than 5 seconds and the time it takes to load the content of the entire website is 7 seconds is more than 100%.

How to test Loading Speed of Website?

If you want to Check the loading speed of your website, then you can use the online Speed Analysis tool. You can check the load time for your user and Search Engine with the help of Speed Analysis tool. You can use GTmetrix, Webpagetest.org and Google PageSpeed Insights to Check the loading speed of your website.

Why is website Loading Speed necessary for your website?

The important thing to consider the post is its loading speed. The actual ranking factor created by the search engine is the loading speed of the post. So improving your post speed should be your priority. A user prefers to go to a post that loads fast as a slow loading post is time consuming and boring. Most people refuse to read the internal content of the post due to its slow pace. To analyse your post speed, Google has launched a speed testing tool called “Loading Page Speed”.

Some technique for improving the website speed

Compress your Website files

Another way to reduce the loading time of your website is to shrink the files of the website. When your Site's files are small, they don't take much time to load. You can use the Gzip Compression method on your website. It helps in compressing website files which makes website load fast.

Choose Good Hosting

You should choose only the Best Hosting Service provider’s for your website. In today’s technology era, there are options of cheap shared hosting available besides dedicated servers to host the website. Use of Cheap shared hosting can also be among the reasons for Slow websites. If you are using shared hosting to Host your website then you should upgrade to virtual private server (VPS) hosting for Speed optimization of your website or blog.

Optimise your Image & Videos

To engage the content of any website you use Image & Videos in your blog post, but if you do not use them properly then your website can be Slow. You can use .webp, .jpeg, .png, and svg. Try to ignore .gif images.

Minimise HTML, CSS and JavaScript Code

The more Script Code you use on your Blog, the higher the load time of your website will be. To avoid this you should Minimise or reduce HTML, CSS and JavaScript Code. You can easily increase the load speed of your website by Minimising all such Code. For Mobile users you should use AMP Version on Blog which are designed for Mobile traffic. AMP uses Short Script Code to enhance user experience by minimising HTML, CSS and JavaScript Code.

Reduce URL Redirects

Often when we update a page of our website sometimes we also make some changes in its URL for Better SEO. After doing this we redirect our user to the new URL. Having too many URL Redirects on any website also serves to increase the Slow down of the website. To Redirect any URL website makes a separate HTTP request, which increases website loading time. You should try to limit or not keep any redirect requests on your blog.

Better Fonts And Colors

There are various techniques available, which should be followed to make your post popular, presentable and readable for the users. Through which you can improve your website speed. Users do not like to stay on post with ugly fonts and bad colors. A website with attractive colors and font style is always liked by the readers and it is easy to read. So these are some Blog Speed Optimization Tips, which you can use to Improve the Speed of your website. If you apply all these Speed Optimization Tactics for your Blog or Website then you will get help in increasing the Speed of your Blog easily.


Therefore these techniques offer many features to popularise your post. It gives you the high speed for your website. Many improving tips have been described to facilitate you for the speed of your website. Taking into consideration the suggestions given by us such as a detailed article, content formatting, digital marketing Lelowebsite improves your policies for the best user experience, attracting colours and font styles, in speed of the web designing and development will improve your website speed.

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